To meet the needs of each client in the most efficient manner, we offer two service formats.

Project-based outsourcing

We are prepared to translate documents related to specific projects. Examples include materials for an initial public offering, a prospectus for an equity or bond issue and materials for an M&A transaction. We are also experienced in the production of important financial publications such as annual reports and earnings releases.

Virtual extension of your own office

Offering speed and flexibility, we can operate as virtual extension of your office. Often meeting next-day deadlines, we produce translations of materials including securities reports, sector reports, and daily and monthly stock market forecasts. Quality is assured by our dedicated team of native speakers who are experts in securities, finance and related fields. In many cases, we can begin working on a translation almost immediately after the Japanese draft is received. In addition to speeding up your response time, this "virtual team" feature offers you flexible capacity and reduces your expenses.

Key advantage
Lower cost
Consistently high quality
Flexible capacity
Complete security
Absolute reliability
Outstanding convenience

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